Welcome to Ministry at Work

We believe that with the right support everyone can flourish at work. Whether we’re at the start, middle of our careers or heading for retirement, life will throw us many challenges.

We are here to be alongside people, to listen and care for as long as it takes.

How Do We Do This:

We meet you where you are during the working week

Our Chaplains are business people like you. They all have different backgrounds and specialisms, be it law, surveying, consultancy, however all of them have been trained in chaplaincy and are able to get alongside people- listening, supporting and encouraging you just when you need it.

What is Chaplaincy:

We often think of Chaplains working as part of a hospital, prison or health service, however Ministry at Work offers chaplaincy in a business context. Whatever situation  the theory is the same, a Chaplain is someone who has the ability to listen and care, to be fully present to someone, who shares support with others through  the storms of life and offers some practical help and direction in those difficult times.

The word chaplain comes from the Latin word for a cloak and the word grew out of the story of St Martin just back from war meeting a man begging in the rain with no cloak. If St Martin had met the man’s need by giving him his own cloak he would have shifted the problem to himself, so instead, he tore his own cloak in two and shared it, half for the beggar and half for himself. Chaplains share their cloaks with others.