Ministry at Work was founded by Mo Trudel in November 2012. Working in partnership with the Diocese of Lichfield, The North Staffordshire YMCA, The Methodist Church, and the Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce a pilot project was launched. Two years later the charity was formed supported by a board of trustees and Patron Lord Lieutenant Ian Dudson.

The aim of the charity is to support businesses by getting alongside them, supporting management and staff by listening, caring, and when necessary signposting them to other specialists. Total confidentiality allows for any professional to open up about their concerns without judgement.

Now in its eighth year the team has grown to nine Chaplains, offering various specialisms including grief and bereavement, counselling, wellbeing and mental health support to name a few

Over the years we have taken busy professionals on retreats, facilitated  talks by  inspirational leaders, designed events to mark life’s big moments such as wedding blessings, and opened up opportunities to share wellbeing learning between businesses.

During the pandemic we have all experienced a turmoil of change. We have learnt new ways of supporting business and our Chaplains are meeting needs in many ways. Business Chaplaincy is much needed now and into the immediate future as we all try to keep the economy going and our mental health in shape to meet the challenges ahead

“As the HR Manager for Wades my role is to support the staff through all eventualities they are facing, and during the pandemic it has been so helpful having our Chaplain Jonathan meet up with staff who are struggling, and continue to do so for years to come.”

Marie Evans, Wades Ceramics