The power of socia media played out to its best during July, encouraging us all to book ourselves into the Better World Festival in Stoke-onTrent.Billed as the opportunity for rest, refreshment, retreat, music, street food and much more, the city did its very best to welcome people from all over the country.

The buzz of the music and the smell of street food gave the city centre a special kind of atmosphere.The weather was awful, which was difficult for the organisers who had pulled off quite a special programme. It was a very good event and next year there will be much to look forward to. It coincided with the Pride Festival in Hanley Park, also a positive move for the city, embracing diversity and equality in these strangest of times. Meanwhile, in Tokyo our athletes were still bringing in those medals for Team GB! At the closing address of the Olympics, International Olympics Committee president Thomas Bach was full of praise for the athletes.

He said that they have given us all hope. A better world is what we are hoping for. A Better World was happening right here in Stoke-on-Trent.The world is not in good shape, though. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has revealed scientific findings which inform us that human beings are definitely responsible for climate change. COP21, the United Nations Climate Change conference this November, is being hosted by Glasgow in partnership with Italy. We will be watching keenly to see where our hope lies in halting the destruction and reversing some of the damage we have done.


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