Dealing with our Emotions


This week is Mental Health Awareness week. Timely as we begin to emerge out of the pandemic here in the UK, offering us a reminder that our brains have taken a hammering, our emotions have been in overdrive and as we try to navigate and make sense of all that has happened, every one of us is affected in some way.

It wasn’t that long ago that Prince William and The Duchess of Cambridge started the Headstogether Charity to get people talking. Bringing our emotions out into the open leaves them no where to hide and is the start to helping us on the road to mental well-ness. It was considered a niche aspect of the medical profession and we know has carried a taboo which has been hard to break.

Now this is no longer unchartered territory, the pandemic has shaken our humanity in ways we have yet to fully understand but one of the many ways it has impacted us is by helping us know we are all human and are all in this together.

Last week we ran another of our workplace seminars on Dealing with our Emotions, at Work, Home and Beyond. Business owners and organisations have been contacting us through the last year and we have helped staff and management alike with how to stay the course for the long haul. No-one has had the perfect way through, most have experienced, extreme tiredness, brain fog, disturbed sleep patterns and some have felt anxious about very normal things. The seminar was designed to explore living with trauma and its effect on our emotions.

Our brains have been responding to a crisis, our bodies para-sympathetic nervous systems have been on high alert to a threat we cannot  see, and our search for meaning has sent millions to Google to find out how to pray.

Our seminar looks at all of this, with times to pause and share feelings in the group. This became the highlight of our time together.  People could safely say how they feel, and everyone else was there to empathise and understand. The follow on has been helpful too, with Whatssapp groups forming and people checking in each other as they return to the workplace.

The Five Ways to Wellbeing are a smart reminder on how we can care for ourselves. Based on research by the New Economics Foundation the first place to start is by connecting up with others.

Followed by physical exercise which releases  uplifting hormones and when taken outside also allows us to connect with nature the third way. Keeping our minds active by learning something new, crafting, cooking, whatever takes your interest helps build new neural pathways in our brains. Finally giving of our time and care to others. This may be simply checking on an elderly neighbour regularly, helping with shopping or volunteering for a cause you believe in. Research shows that giving makes us happier. As we emerge into the new normal our Chaplains are here to support you at work.

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You can read the Five Ways report here