Ministry at Work

Here to give time and pastoral support to busy working professionals during the week.

We work across all business sectors listening, supporting, encouraging and equipping people at their point of need. Situated in the Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce building we are centrally located to serve the business community of Staffordshire. 

According to the charity MIND, in any given year one in six workers experience depression, anxiety or stress. This costs the UK economy £26 billion a year. In total 70 million working days are lost every year due to mental ill health, with 10 million working days directly caused by work-related problems. On average we spend 10.5 years of our lives at work it’s our aim to make those years happy and fulfilled.

Our chaplaincy team are here to journey along with you through the working week offering that confidential support which can often mean less time taken out of work. We are business people too, trained in pastoral ministry and able to understand the dynamics of the working environment and the ever elusive work-life balance!


The Passion Trail

We operate across a diverse range of age groups and nationalities, welcoming all, regardless of faith or no faith. Our involvement is tailored to the need of the business and individual concerned.

 Ministry at Work services include:

  • Chaplaincy service to businesses; to help businesses care for their workforce
  • Chaplaincy services for individuals; offering one to one time, enabling managers and professionals to flourish in their work, journeying with those in difficult situations, offering signposting to agencies when appropriate.
  • Chaplaincy consultancy to the public sector: equipping teams to listen well and work together, especially in multi disciplinary and interfaith situations.

 At Ministry at Work, our Director and Chaplain is a business professional who is also theologically trained. As the Bishop of Stafford’s lay Chaplain to Business she brings a wealth of experience and insight to effectively support people at work, whilst acting as advisor on business to the Bishop.

If you would like to find out more or discuss how we could support you or your business, please contact Mo Trudel, the Director and Business Chaplain, for an informal and confidential chat over coffee. For more information about our work and trustees, please click here

Ministry at Work is a charity, funded by the generous donations of various faith and non-faith organisations, individuals and a number of businesses. We do not currently charge a fee for our services.   

We hold regular events throughout the year; such as prayer networking meetings for Christians in business, retreats, conferences and Carols for Business in Stoke on Trent and Stafford.  Please click here for upcoming events and feel free to join us.

We are currently developing resource materials and will upload them on this website. You can find our blog posts here.

We look forward to meeting you and seeing you at some of our events.


Events at Ministry at Work


Upcoming events
Autumn Retreat
Foxhill Retreat Centre
How does our journey of discipleship find expression in the world of work? As Autumn sets in and we begin…
October Prayer Meeting
Come join our prayer meeting every first Wednesday of the month. A group of Christians in business meet once a…
Salt Conference 2018
Central Hall Westminster
The Salt Business Network provides a new opportunity for visionary business leaders to partner with a leading international development charity. …
Exploring Your Calling
Ministry at Work will be running sessions on workplace ministry as part of the Exploring Your Calling weekend. This event provides…
Come and See Palestine
Walk, pray and truly experience the land where Jesus lived with the Ministry at Work pilgrimage to Palestine, in collaboration…
November Prayer Meeting
Come join our prayer meeting every first Wednesday of the month. A group of Christians in business meet once a…
December Prayer Meeting
Come join our prayer meeting every first Wednesday of the month. A group of Christians in business meet once a…
January Prayer Meeting – Welcome in the New Year!
Come join our prayer meeting every first Wednesday of the month.  A group of Christians in business meet once a…
Faith in Business Conference
Ridley Hall, Newnham Walk, Cambridge CB3 9HU
Every year, a group of us make the trip to Ridley Hall, Cambridge for the mind-blowing Faith in Business Conference.…
Civic Prayer Breakfast
Kings Hall, Stoke, ST4 1HH
Mo Trudel, our Business Chaplain and other guests of Ministry at Work will be attending the 2017 Civic Prayer Breakfast…
Pilgrimage to the Iona Community
Pilgrimage to the Iona Community A group of 12 of us will be making a trip to the Iona Community,…
Carols for the Business Community
Swan Bank Methodist Church Burslem
Colleagues from business will share readings and thoughts for Christmas followed by mulled wine and mince pies.

"If we are peaceful, if we are happy, we can smile, and everyone in our family, our entire society, will benefit from our peace."
Thich Nhat Hanh