Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! For many of us it’s the first day back at work and day two of putting our resolutions into practice. I wonder how you are getting on? For us, reading through the bible in a year is an ongoing ambition; some days we miss, and some days we do two sessions! Working[…]


The journey to Iona is long. For many of us “living in community” for the week, of which Mo’s Mob (as I shall term the party of Ministry@Work and other contacts) formed a quarter, it has taken a lifetime. In another sense,  it took two days. Most of us in Mo’s Mob were able to[…]

Off we went to the Faith in Business conference in Ridley Hall knowing full well we would meet extraordinary businesspeople; businessmen and women who are changing the world. We were not disappointed to hear a host of conference speakers tell us about their journeys to success, their struggles and how amidst the thick and thin,[…]