Love Peace and Bah Humbug!

As we draw to a close this year many of the business community in Stoke on Trent gathered for our third  Carol Service to the business community. The theme of Peace and Love featured throughout with a cast of many Christians from  business sharing their talents through song, a choir and poetry. Our guest speaker[…]

Soul Boats

Image Copyright Jake Lever. Find out more here. Over the summer months we have all been challenged and moved by the mass movement of thousands fleeing from war torn countries such as Syria, Iraq, Somali, Eritrea and Libya. After years of war, people are literally getting up and walking west. Some are risking it by[…]

Summer Retreat

Summer retreat!   Over the last few weeks we have been preparing for our annual Ministry at Work retreat and waiting with anticipation for those God is nudging to come along. It’s not unlike preparing for a holiday. We chose our destination in rural Staffordshire. The location is far from traffic and very quiet, surrounded[…]

  At the beginning of the year I review how my last year has gone and think about my ideas for the year coming. In the midst of this I also think about any adjustments on a practical level – you will note I haven’t used the resolution word! It’s a time to reflect, pray and[…]

Advent Calendar

It’s not long until millions across the UK will be opening their first window on their advent calendar. This signals the countdown to Christmas Day, the day most of us know we will be not working but resting and relaxing, enjoying the celebration. The calendar space between now and Christmas begins a time of anticipation[…]

What’s your vantage point?

Every morning I get a message  to my inbox from Richard Rohr who is a Fransiscan living in Mexico. He is a prolific writer, philosopher and teacher of The Way which is what the Christian Faith used to be called. His way though is peppered with wisdom and teaching, it’s deep and connects with our […]

Reflections of poppies

REFLECTIONS OF POPPIES Today sees the beginning of the dismantling of the poppy art installation at the Tower of London. It has attracted 5 million visitors of all ages who have stood amazed at the sheer volume of flowers, each one representing a life given for our freedom.   Each flower itself is small but[…]