Every year, a group of us make the trip to Ridley Hall, Cambridge for the mind-blowing Faith in Business Conference.  In 2017, we will be doing the same  from 31 March – 2 April and we would love it if more people could join us.

Here is information from the Ridley Hall website (http://www.faith-in-business.org/spring-2017-conference/):

Making a Difference: Christian Impact on the Business World

31 March – 2 April 2017

Spring 2017 Conference FlyerThere are many different ways in which Christians can make an impact on the business world. They can make a major contribution simply by the quality of their work. They may set an example through living lives of integrity. They can be an encouragement and inspiration to others. They may develop new products, services, systems or ways of doing things. They can be generous and influence others by their generosity. They may be a powerful witness, through word and deed, to colleagues, clients and customers.

The conference will explore this variety of ways in which Christians make a difference as ‘salt’ and ‘light’. Speakers will share ways in which they are seeking to make a difference, prompting delegates to share their own experience and ideas. Together we will evaluate how we can multiply our effect, to become a more positive influence in the business world, fulfilling God’s mission. How can we make the ripples expand?

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Topics and Speakers

Making a Difference in the Developing World ~ Richard Leftley

Friday 31 March – 8 pm

In 2002 Richard left a career in City finance to establish MicroEnsure, which now provides over 43m low income people with a safety net against falling back into poverty through a range of innovative insurance products. Impelled to put Christ’s call to serve the poor into action, Richard will share how his faith has helped shape MicroEnsure and its mission to serve the poor as well as how he has balanced competing priorities to create a social business. He sees his work as an act of worship, something he was uniquely created to carry out, but he is also aware of his failings and how these affect his decision-making. Richard will share the story of how MicroEnsure has developed over the years from being a not-for-profit organisation to being funded by some of the world’s largest Insurers and corporations as a for-profit company.

Making a Difference through Innovation and Integrity ~ Phil Staunton

Saturday 1 April – 9 am

Phil runs a Cheltenham-based design consultancy, D2M (Design to Marketing), which helps other companies to develop, prototype, manufacture and protect new concepts. Integrity and honesty are two of D2M’s stated core values. Phil will be speaking about his business journey of wrestling with how he has sought to to make this a culture and not just a catchphrase in his company. Phil hopes that this talk will challenge and inspire people to strive towards greater integrity in commerce and in so doing demonstrate the radical difference that faith in business can make.

Making a Difference through Christ-Centred Coaching ~ Carole Rutherford-Milligan & David Wetton

Saturday 1 April – 11.15 am

Christians often feel short of practical tools for communicating their living Christian faith at work. Denominational differences, fear of evangelising and fear of being evangelised are real barriers to explicitly faith-based conversations and the exploration of potentially transformational insights. This session will share the nature and potential of Christ-Centred Coach training as a tool for enabling faith-referenced decision-making and action in the workplace. Carole is an Executive Team Coach with a background in senior leadership in large national charities. David is a faith-based Executive Coach, Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence expert and Warwick Business School Alumni Mentor.

Making a Difference in Banking ~ Antony Elliott, OBE

Saturday 1 April – 4.30 pm

Antony was Group Risk Director of a large retail bank for more than 10 years and followed this with 5 years in a similar position with a large hedge fund. He will tell the story of how he set up the Fairbanking Foundation, aimed at changing the practices and ultimately the culture in retail banking in the UK. It has made more progress than its resources would suggest could be possible. The Foundation has contributed research to developing understanding of financial well-being, encouraged change in financial institutions and become the only accredited certification body for financial products in the UK. There have been big challenges, some of them recent; Antony will explain how he has had to rely on his faith rather than his own strength.

Making a Difference in a Performance Culture ~ Paul Valler

Saturday 1 April – 7.45 pm

In a working world that relentlessly pursues the maximisation of performance, how can we help people to flourish on the frontline of work? How can Christian workplace leaders reflect the nature of God’s kingdom in performance measures? Paul Valler shows how a biblical approach can nurture self-esteem and motivation alongside accountability for results. He is a former Finance and Operations Director of Hewlett-Packard, and is currently Chair of the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity, whose Fruitfulness on the Frontline initiative is having a major impact on Christians’ whole-life discipleship.

Making a Difference as Christian Entrepreneurs ~ Richard Higginson & Kina Robertshaw

Sunday 2 April – 9 am

Kina Robertshaw, a former retail entrepreneur from Zambia and now a curate in Hereford diocese, has interviewed 50 Christian entrepreneurs in the UK, discovering what motivates, frustrates, challenges them and brings them joy. She and Richard Higginson, Director of Faith in Business, have worked together in analysing this material and have now written a co-authored book, which will be published by IVP in July 2017 as A Voice to be Heard; the Stories, Faith and Challenges of Christian Entrepreneurs. Richard and Kina will give a taster for their book, discussing the important findings to emerge from this research: the many ways in which Christian entrepreneurs are making a difference.

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