It’s not long until millions across the UK will be opening their first window on their advent calendar. This signals the countdown to Christmas Day, the day most of us know we will be not working but resting and relaxing, enjoying the celebration.
The calendar space between now and Christmas begins a time of anticipation and preparation. The Digital Nun says this
            “Advent is all about reconciliation: God putting right what humankind has got wrong, renewing his covenant of love with us, but he is humble and trusting enough to   invite us to be part of that process”
Those of us at work will already have the end in sight, the day we break up and in-between getting as much done amid the workplace festivities.
Last year a colleague mentioned to me that she was always fatigued by the time the actual day came, and wondered if we had lost the wonder of Christmas to a commercial frenzy. I asked her when she last had the Christmas feeling, only to be told of the times she went to church with her Grandparents and sung the traditional carols amidst the candles and Christmas trees.
So we designed a Carols Service for Business last year, spurred on by this conversation. To offer a place to connect with Christmas, the story, the tradition and help bring back the sense of community we feel when belting out those Carols altogether.
The question though still remains for those at work?
How will we prepare for the big day?
This year for the first time I have booked a day off, the 1st December. I have booked onto a days retreat where someone else will guard the space on that day allowing me time out from work and time off from the diary.
This way I hope to begin Advent intentionally and to find inspiration.
I am expectant too. It’s like having a holiday in one day. It will prepare me too as
it’s a busy time for Chaplaincy. People are faced with high expectations,some without families to go to, split families, ageing parents or illness to deal with, and many more issues. Giving people time and care is so important at this time.
You may not have any days left to take, but if you are reading this you will be prayed for on my retreat day, and the invitation is extended to you- come to our Carols for Business on the 17th if you are in our area, join us you are really welcome!
You can read the excellent Digital Nun posts here
Mo Trudel | Business Chaplain